Strategic Plan Summary for Pilgrims of Ibillin 2016-2020


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Adopted, October 14, 2016

The Board of Directors of Pilgrims of Ibillin asked Duncan Ferguson and Joan Deming to develop a strategic plan for 2016-2020 based on the plan used as guidance for 2012-2016. The Board asked that it be prepared for presentation and adoption at the Board meetings of October 2016.

Phase one, the gathering of information was begun by inviting the Board to address four basic questions: What is currently going on? Why is it going on? What ought to be going on? What can be done to reshape what is going on? Following these conversations, Duncan and Joan moved on to phase two, the preparation of a draft of the plan, and asked each of the Board committees to address a range of issues and make recommendations. From the results of these conversations and interviews with members of the Pilgrims constituency, a draft of the plan emerged (phase three) and is now being presented to the Board for refinement and adoption. Phase four is implementation, which will require setting priorities and timelines, assessment, projecting a budget, and the hard work of “making things happen.”

The plan begins with foundational statements: core values, vision, mission, goals, brief history, and context. From a careful assessment of the information gathered and a review of the foundational statements, five recommendations were discerned and they are listed below. The rationale, the steps and timeline for implementation, and the costs are noted as well.

In every appropriate and possible way, improve and expand the services offered to our mission partners, empowering them to fulfill their mission. Among the action items in this recommendation is to assist MEEI in implementing their strategic plan.

  1. Building on the strong foundation currently present, maintain the efficient infrastructure and consider a new staff design to implement the mission of Pilgrims. One action item in this recommendation is hiring an administrative assistant for the Executive Director. Included as well in this recommendation is the understanding that there will be changes in the staff and Board leadership.
  2. Seek ways to raise sufficient funds to support the work of Pilgrims’ mission partners that will assist them to sustain a level of excellence in the implementation of their stated missions. Among the action items in this recommendation is for Pilgrims to increase its support by 5% over the five-year period.
  3. Offer outstanding programs to educate a substantial number of US citizens, including those with substantial influence, and those from other countries in order to create a base of support and advocacy for a just peace in Israel and Palestine.
  4. Cultivate a range of cooperative and collaborative affinity partners in order to maintain a healthy combination of organizations that are engaged in seeking a just peace in Israel and Palestine.

The implementation of these five recommendations will increase the budget of Pilgrims by approximately 5% and attention needs to be given to the preparation of a budget for the plan and the financial projections of the five-year span. In addition, there is a need for continual assessment and modification.

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