After 4 Weeks, the Christian School Strike Ends!

NEWS FLASH: The Strike was settled on Sunday, 27 September. Classes in all Christian Schools start for the new school year on Monday, 28 September. Teachers and students are excited and ready. Watch for another blog entry soon updating the situation, but here is one of today’s articles with the basic information:

26 September 2015, just before the end of the strike:
A Message from Archbishop Emeritus Elias Chacour

after returning home to Ibillin from a speaking tour September 12-20 in Grosse Pointe, Ann Arbor, Adrian, Tecumseh, and Holland, MI; and in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, IN.

“The people I met in the many places where I spoke are for me part of the extremely beautiful face of America. These represent to me peace­ builders, which means they are children of God.

At home, I found everyimage4one still very concerned about the school strike. We hate the strike and want our children back in school. Nonetheless, this strike revealed to us the very strong solidarity from our Muslim brothers and sisters in Israel. Had it not been for their outspoken solidarity, we would have been left on the side.

It’s also heart warming to see a very large segment of the Jewish society expressing their full solidarity with our Christian schools. We are harvesting what we have sown in tears and passion. Indeed, we don’t want to strike against Israel or to mar the picture of this country; we want to do anything possible to build a real democratic and just society. Our strike went on because we were hurting deeply. We were cornered by the Ministry of Education to shout enough is enough.

We risk the danger of becoming unable to fulfill our mission of justice and charity towards reconciliation within Israeli society. Our mission and our responsibility are only education. It means, we need to create a unity of the citizens within the vast diversity of affiliations, whether religious, political, racial, or any other legitimate diversity.

I urge you never to give up, what we are doing is of a unique importance. Be happy and proud and continue the way on.

Abuna signature

Abuna Elias Chacour

Melkite Catholic Archbishop em. of Galilee, Israel


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