Supporting Churches

Supporting Churches extend the efforts of Pilgrims of Ibillin to involve people who desire to support the work of peacemaking and reconciliation in Israel/Palestine through a variety of activities — including fundraising, educational forums, film festivals, hosting guest speakers on the Holy Land, holding ethnic Middle Eastern dinners, and organizing pilgrimages.
If you are interested in becoming a Supporting Church in partnership with Pilgrims of Ibillin, please contact the Pilgrims Executive Director, Joan Deming, for information, materials, and contacts to begin your journey.

608-241-9281 office/home phone

Expectations of New Pilgrims of Ibillin Supporting Churches

• A minimum of five individuals who are interested and committed to the work of peacemaking and reconciliation in the Holy Land.
• One individual to serve as the contact person.
• Conduct at least four meetings each year.
• Conduct at least one fundraising event each year for Pilgrims of Ibillin.
• Organization Activities and Projects
While not an exhaustive list, following are examples of activities and projects that have been undertaken by various Pilgrims chapters:
• Host persons who have traveled to Israel/Palestine  to hear about their experiences.
• Host guest speakers to share their insights and experiences regarding Israel/Palestine, the Middle East, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, current events, peacemaking efforts, etc.
• Conduct fundraising efforts and events for Pilgrims of Ibillin.
• Lead trips to Israel/Palestine, including visits with “the Living Stones.”
• Provide orientation for those preparing to travel to Israel/Palestine.
• Lead group discussions based upon books, films, news events, issues, and people, related to the Middle East and the Holy Land.
• Reach out to community organizations that have congruent interests and visions.• Conduct Middle Eastern ethnic events such as dinners and bazaars.
• Conduct Middle Eastern ethnic events such as dinners and bazaars.

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Executive Director:

The Rev. Joan Deming
608-241-9281 office/home
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