Peace Partners

Pilgrimage group with Ramallah Friends School 4th graders

Pilgrimage group with Ramallah Friends School 4th graders

In order to strengthen Pilgrims of Ibillin’s outreach while continuing our primary support relationship with the Mar Elias Educational Institutions, the Board of Directors nurtures partner relationships with six additional peace-building programs in Israel/Palestine. 90% of Pilgrims’ program funding still goes to the Mar Elias schools in Ibillin.  The final 10% is divided between our Peace-building Partners for projects with goals similar to MEEI’s.

Since 2008, annual grants of $2,000 to $6,000 have been given to Peace-building Partner organizations beyond the Mar Elias Schools in Ibillin.

The following priorities guide our annual choice of Partners:

  • Pilgrims invests in schools in Israel/Palestine that share the Mar Elias Educational Institutions’ goal of Building Peace on the Desktops of Students.
  • We give Peace-building grants to support Palestinian Christians’ efforts to provide meaningful jobs and livable circumstances so that members of this community can remain and thrive in their homeland.
  • We use Peace-building grants for unique projects where Pilgrims’ contribution clearly makes a key difference. We prefer that our funding will help something happen on its own, rather than being “one drop in a large bucket” of funding.

For 2017 our Peace-building Partners total $35,500 and include:

  • The Diyar Consortium in Bethlehem (related to Christmas Lutheran Church) for girls’ soccer leadership training.  $4,000
  • The Friends’ Schools in Ramallah for scholarships.  $1,000
  • The Open House Preschool program for Arab Children in Ramle.  $4,000
  • The Seraj Library Project in the West Bank, providing new community libraries in villages near Ramallah and in Bethlehem’s Aida Camp.  $3,000
  • St. George’s Melkite Catholic Church for their job-creation projects and school fee scholarships. $6,500
  • Wi’am Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center in Bethlehem.  $6,500
  • Middle East Children’s Alliance water purification system for a school in Gaza.  $6,500
  • Hope Secondary School in Beit Jala; scholarships for residential students. $4,000

To support any of those programs with a secure online gift, click here. Be sure to designate in the notes which programs your gift supports.

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