Hope School Beit Jala

At Hope School: Laila Nour meets with Living Stones Pilgrimage group in School Chapel

Hope School Boarding Section

A Pilgrims of Ibillin Peace-building Partner since 2016

Hope School is a Christian charity school for orphans and needy children that is located near Bethlehem – the birthplace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The school provides education for both boys and girls ages 11 to 18 years old; the school provides for the spiritual, academic and physical growth of every child we serve.

Pilgrims of Ibillin’s program grant is directed to support the boarding section of the school, described here by Development Director, Laila Nour. Pilgrims’ 2017 grant of $4,000 will support two students in this program for the school year.

The school has a boarding section for orphan boys or from challenging family situations. At our school the boys can sleep, eat, play, and study in a safe comfortable surrounding. The school provides clothing, study material and three healthy meals each day.

Boarding at Hope School offers a family-orientated lifestyle that reflects Christian values and ethos. We care for up to 20 boys in grades 7 to 12 who come from all over the Holy Land. Our team of highly qualified staff are dedicated to creating a family atmosphere where boys make friends easily, feel comfortable and relaxed and can establish good study routines. Hope school boarding section is making a great difference in the lives of those youngsters.

The boarding section is a house that has boys of different ages, in such case there is usually a prefect system, which gives older boys some privileges and some responsibility for the welfare of the younger ones. The boys have three nutritious meals a day prepared by an experienced cook. And every three students share a well furnished cozy bedroom

Hope School boarding section changes lives. It shapes deprived boys into trustworthy and confident young men. Without boarding school, they would be lost in life. Hope School boarding section provides the path, and directs the boarders to walk it, taking advantage of golden opportunities. Before joining Hope School students lack confidence socially, emotionally and physically. Losing the dream of a bright future.

Our school is one such local initiative. We are established on a Christian foundation but we exist to help the poorest children in our part of the World. Most of our children come from very poor families in the Bethlehem and West Bank area, and cannot pay school fees or supply even the most basic of school equipment for themselves. But, unlike many private schools in the Holy Land, our school never turns away a needy child on financial grounds. We welcome them, we distribute food at cost who would otherwise go hungry, and we provide a home for children who have been orphaned or who have no stable family environment.

However, the cost to us of this policy of caring for the most vulnerable children is very great. Because the school receives no government grants and very little is paid to us in school fees, Hope School relies for its income on gifts and donations from organizations and individual supporters around the world.

At Hope School: Laila Nour and Khader Saba with Joan Deming and George Shalabi from Pilgrims

Your prayers are very much needed for Hope School and for the vulnerable children in our care who are looking ahead for an auspicious future.

Hope School General Director: Khader Saba
Development Director Laila Nour

P.O. Box 19208, Jerusalem, Israel


www. hopeschoolbeitjala.com

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The Rev. Joan Deming
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