Wi’am ~ Palestinian Center for Conflict Transformation, Bethlehem

“We have found that conflict resolution is the art of working and sharing ourselves, our resources, our minds, and hearts with others.”  — Zoughbi Zoughbi, Wi’am founder and director

Wi’am is a grass-roots organization, founded in Bethlehem in 1994. Since its inception, Wi’am has been a place for conflict transformation, restorative justice and mediation.  This mediation focuses on the Arab traditions of reconciliation, called Sulha, coupled with different schools of thought from around the world.

Wi’am is also a community center for peace building, sustainable development, empowerment and hope.  Both regionally and on an international level, Wi’am attempts to create and strengthen a culture of acceptance and understanding.  Wi’am tries to be a center of hope to a people living under occupation and a world that is brimming with the cries of injustice and oppression.

“We are like an olive tree, with its roots deeply rooted in the ground with branches that reach out to the world.  Our words produce more than sound; they walk tall to the four corners of the earth.  For some, the day to day activities are only part of the job, but the larger picture shows a commitment to serve and enrich community relationships and to be an integral part of fostering positive changes for our future.”  — Zoughbi Zoughbi

Pilgrims of Ibillin works with Wi’am to plan our “Living Stones” pilgrimages, with Wi’am staff handling all Holy Land accommodations and scheduling for us.  Located in the shadow of the Separation Wall that surrounds Bethlehem, Wi’am stands as a symbol of hope for children, youth, women, and families living in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

2016 Pilgrims of Ibillin donation to Wi’am:  $6,000.

For more information, visit Wi’am’s website and Facebook page. To support Wi’am with a secure online gift to support their ongoing program, click here (and be sure to designate it for Wi’am in the “notes” box.)

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Executive Director:

The Rev. Joan Deming
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